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The children’s play area consists of the Wet Pour flooring system where the top layer is made using EPDM and the base layer is formed using bound SBR granules to produce the absorbing qualities of wet pour. 

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Our Khandesh infra’s Turf range for hockey and football fields, tennis courts, cricket wickets, bowling surfaces, golf greens and artificial surfaces replicate the best qualities of high performing natural fields while significantly reducing the negative qualities of natural grass fields. Our product range also extends to World Athletics (IAAF) certified running track systems, FIBA approved interlocking tiles, BWF& ITTF approved vinyl flooring and high-performance PU and acrylic systems

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Badminton Court, Basket Ball Court, Tennis Court, Running Track & Volleyball Court.


Specially developed Ballistic Rubber Tiles for Shooting Range Area


Special range of premium Plasto Rubber Tiles, Normal Rubber Tiles and Gym Vinyl Flooring


Accordingly company requirement having the range of Rubber and Epoxy Flooring


Specially made for safety and hygiene purpose, made of EPDM Rubber.


Wide range of PVC Vinyl and Epoxy flooring. Many other's flooring options.

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"Purchased Plasto Rubber Tiles having the great quality and heavy strength material "
Aditya Paul, West Bengal, India
"Helpful Team with excellent quality of Plasto Rubber Tiles"
Dr. Devidas Ghanate, Panvel, Maharastra, India
"We have installed Khandesh Industrial Flooring in our Factory and having good result."
Nana Desale, Bajaj Auto, Nasik, Maharastra, India