Ballistic Rubber Tile-

  • Ballistic Rubber Tiles are used to stop bullets which helps to prevent ricochets and lead splash-backs thereby reducing lead dust propagated from repeated range firing.
  • The ballistic rubber tiles are high density, strength and elasticity to provide safe live fire environment.
  • Ballistic Rubber tiles are designed for use in shooting ranges and gun clubs. These extra thick and extremely durable rubber tiles assist in ricochet reduction and help to reduce noise levels at firing ranges.
    Ballistic Rubber tiles can be loose laid in a wall to wall installation or adhered in place using a little double side carpet tape or polyurethane adhesive.
  • Ballistic Rubber Tiles are generally used for shooting range areas and walls. Bullets are trapped inside the tiles.
  • Rubber ballistic tiles help to provide sound abatement and ricochet protection in commercial, military and law enforcement shooting ranges.
  • This are most commonly used in tactical shoot house for military exercise.
  • We are exporting to some major armed forces globally.

Khandesh Ballistic Rubber Tiles can be installed on walls, baffles, ceilings and floors and collectively are helpful in attenuating noise. The finished surface is smooth with no protruding edges.
Our ballistic tiles tested for a complete spectrum of the most common small arms calibers and ammunition used by the Military, Enforcement and Civilians. The ballistic tiles were tested to acquire both Penetration and Ricochet characteristics at 100 m, 10 m and 2m distances at various impact angles with with different weapon systems.