EVA Matting

EVA interlocking mats are flooring material which when properly set-up create a cushioned and soft flooring surface, ideal for playing safely without any injury. This flooring material is ideal for kids rooms, play areas, gyms, garages, home fitness rooms, indoor sports arenas and events like trade shows. The mats with an interlocking design can be used for covering areas of any size. The assembly of these mats is convenient; the edges of the mats are to be interlocked. Once assembled, this shock-absorbent flooring can be used for different activities. The mats would not move or dislocate in any condition, given to their strong grip. These are durable, non-toxic and non-skid mats. People can also disassemble the EVA interlocking mats during floor cleaning, relocating, storing or any other purpose

Key Points:

  • These mats are light in weight, and therefore can be easily assembled and disassembled by a single person.
  • As the name suggests, these mats are made from EVA foam.
  • The cleaning of EVA interlocking mats can be done by using water and soap.
  • The mats are waterproof and reduces noise.