Khandesh Rubber Tiles are made of premium quality Recycled Rubber. Features strength, resilience, shock and sound absorption, ease of maintenance, aesthetic appeal, eco-friendliness, anti-static, anti-slip even when wet surface, durable, flexible, easy installation, and suitable for indoor & outdoor. These rubber tiles are an excellent flooring option for comfort and durability. Suitable for sports flooring, gym, sports clubs, playground, kindergarten, weight room, etc.

  • Rubber Tiles are very durable and extremely resilient – it guarantees stability, provide a good grip, withstand heavy loads and high-impact activity, feel soft and comfortable underfoot, and offer superb cushioning and shock absorption;
  • Rubber floor tiles come in a variety of textures and color options so you can choose the perfect hues and shades to match your interior design, add some flair to the space with different colors and patterns, or keep it simple with solid colors. The most widely used rubber floor tiles are black with confetti-looking color flecks throughout.
  • We follow the Global standards in the recycling process to make it better for earth and humans.
  • Standard Rubber tiles are most suitable for commercial gymnasiums and Crossfit gyms.
  • Commercial gyms are rapidly growing in the world it has to withstand repeated dropping of heavyweight such as dumbbells.
  • It will absorb the shock of dropped weight without damaging the floor underneath.
  • You must lay these standard rubber tiles with quality adhesive for the best result.