Infill Turf Development

As the name implies, artificial grass infill is the material that is used to fill in the base layer of your synthetic turf and can affect the properties of your artificial grass quite a lot, as well as impacting the ease of maintaining your fake grass.

Living grass naturally grows upright to reach the sun and will return to an upright position after being flattened. Artificial grass infill helps the synthetic grass blade to stay upright and stand back up after being flattened, among several other important functions. Infill is usually made of fine materials such as sand or rubber crumbs.

Does Artificial Grass need infill?

Unless you are on a very tight budget, it is almost always better to use the recommended amount of infill for the artificial grass product you are installing. Besides keeping the artificial grass blades upright, infill acts as ballast to prevent high winds lifting your synthetic grass, makes your artificial turf more impact-dampening like real grass, and helps prevent rolls and wrinkles forming in the synthetic grass.